About Iqra

Iqra Blogger is a passionate blogger in the digital marketing industry. She loves to write helpful blogs that directly target people’s needs. She is an experienced SEO Consultant, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Professional Blogger, and Freelancer.

She likes to call herself an Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers. She has learned her basic education in digital marketing from the University of Michigan by taking numerous courses. Recently working to different US companies as SEO Expert & Content Writer. Basically, She is a learner, because her success lies in keep on learning and testing new things. She wants to earn her name in digital Marketing in Pakistan.

As a Teacher:

After completing her Master’s in IT from Punjab University, she started her career as a lecturer in Computer Science because she wants to deliver her knowledge to her students. She not only worked as a teacher but as a Motivation Speaker as well to inspire her students. After completing her 2 years in Teaching she earned the title of ” Computer Whiz” from school.

As a Freelancer:

Now she is taking her Computer Whiz passion to the next level and working as a freelancer at Fiverr and providing her services as a Professional blogger, SEO Expert, Social Media Manager, and Google Ads Marketing.

She believe in: “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”