As you know, we all are living in a digital world where everything is getting social. Every other person wants to earn money online. There are many ways to earn money online but google Adsense is one of the most famous and authentic platforms to earn money. Being a digital marketer, today I am going to tell you some important key points that how can you approve your google AdSense for any country and make money from it.

Write Quality Content

  • As we all know “Content is king” So we need to write authentic blogs/articles on your website.
  • There must be at least 500 words in each article.
  • Use proper use of focus keyword in your content.
  • Google rank your article faster if you used focused keywords in your articles
  • Use proper H1,H2,H3 tags. Always use only 1 H1 tag on one page.

Crucial Pages Added

You need to add About Us/ Contact Us / Privacy Policy / Disclaimer / Terms and Condition pages on your website and create a privacy policy and terms and condition pages easily by using a privacy policy generator. There are some rules that need to be followed when creating a privacy policy supplied by Google here. You can easily make a Contact us page by using the contact form 7 plugin in WordPress.

Click to download contact form 7 plugin

Be Patient:

Google takes time to crawl your site so be patient especially when you are applying google AdSense for a new website. It takes normally 6 months to get approved especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh.

Theme Optimization:

It’s important to use a theme that is User friendly and contains a friendly URL from an SEO point of view. If your theme is well structured. Everything is managed well in the Menus/sub-menu. Then Google can easily approve your site.

In this regard, i will recommend you to use premium theme if possible.

Speed Optimization:

If your site is well structured and has speed optimized, then google will consider your site authentic and rank it on google as well.

There are multiple speed optimization software:

  • Autoptimize
  • W3 Total Cache
  • W3 Fastest Cache premium

XML Sitemap & Robot.txt:

A decet XML sitemap serves as a website guide that leads Google to all of your important sites. For SEO, XML sitemaps can be great, as they allow Google to find your important website pages easily, even if your internal connection is not good.

You can easily create XML Sitemap by Yoast SEO plugin and its download link is given below.

If your site has an original logo then definitely it will be a good point in “website looks”. It will enhance your theme designing & layout. If you are not a professional graphic designer then don’t worry, You can go to sites canva and 99designs. Even you can hire any freelancer on Fiverr at minimum rates like 5$ – 20$.

Don’t Use Copyright images:

Do not use copied images from Google. If you are running any blog or business website and using copyright images from google and directly put them on your website then trust me, you are doing a bad practice that ultimately results in the cancellation of Google Adsense approval.

You might be thinking I am not a good photographer how can I get HD pictures for my website. Don’t worry, I can tell you websites that where you can easily customize your all photos by canva, pixabay, and shutterstock These websites will allow you to customize almost everything in photos and download them freely.

Friendly Website Navigation:

This is a really important aspect that most people ignore and consider their website user-friendly but actually, they are not. You should have clear navigation to a different menu or sub-menu.

Don’t try to manipulate Google by intentional clicks on your website by putting ad links in your menu pages. Everything that leads to intentional or fraudulent clicks it will leads to banned your adsense account.

WordPress Site:

If you have followed all points given above but still struggling to get approved then I will suggest you set up your site on WordPress because the Adsense team loves your site to be on WordPress.

How to apply for Google Adsense?

  • Go to Google Adsense Official website
  • Create an Account or log in to the Google Adsense website
  • Click on sites in your dashboard
  • Add your site URL in Add new site tab. Click on done.

If this method doesn’t works then there is an alternate method to apply for Google adsense

  • Apply for Google Adsense by click here.
  • Fill out the form by entering your website URL, Email, get AdSense help.
  • Then Google will ask you about your Individual/business, contact name, mailing address, phone no and email address. Google will verify your phone no and physically send you a pin number to confirm your mailing address so think twice before entering all your information.
  • If Google has approved your account but you didn’t verify it then you’ll lose your approved account as well.

How to connect your site to Google Adsense?

  • Sign in to Google Adsense
  • Copy the code given in google AdSense and paste it in your <head> </head> of your website.
  • It will take 48 hours to review your Adsense application.

When your site is approved, you will got an email given below.

google adsense approved

After approving Google Adsense, You need to add Google adsense code in your site and ads will be displayed in your website.

Be Wise with your Ads:

Don’t try to fool Google by clicking your ads or ask your relatives to click your ads. GOOGLE Algorithm will instantly detect your website and mark it as spammy or maybe cancel your Adsense account. So don’t try to do that and make everything natural and technical.

Google provides a feature of “automatic ads” where Google automatically detects how many ads need to display on each page. There are multiple ways to display ads on your website.

google ads

You can choose any type of google ads displayed above.If you are not sure about choosing ad type. Then choose first one display ads. After selecting display ads, it will ask you “Name your ad unit”. Give a name to your ad. It will show your ad preview in three types like vertical, horizontal, square. There is also an important thing to notice which is “Ad size”. I recommend you to choose responsive option instead of fixed because it works well on all types of screen sizes. After selecting option, click on create ad.

If you need more information. Go to Google Ads Help

Google Adsense will generate a code for you. Copy that code and place it in your wordpress site.

Go to your wordpress dashboard, Click on Appearance < Widgets tab. Drag and drop the custom HTML widget to the right place and place google adsense code in it.

wordpress ad section

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Read GOOGLE policies for approval
  • Write Quality content
  • Create crucial pages
  • Have some traffic on your site

If your site doesn't get approval, follow the error given by google Adsense or participate in the Adsense forum to see what other people are facing the problems and how to solve them.

In Google AdSense, you can show google ads on your website and earn money from google. In AdWords, you ask google to show your ads on google for marketing your business.

Your website should be at least 3 - 6 months old for Adsense approval.

Google Adsense not allowed copied content on your website. For example: For your blogging website, you copied articles from or other websites and spin them on different tools. Google strictly not allowed this approach

You can take any domain for approval but I personally recommend BlueHost because it's cheap, friendly, and Customer Support.

It entirely depends upon your niche. Some niche helps you to earn more by CPC (cost per click) but it entirely depends upon your volume of traffic in your site.

If you are running an e-commerce site then you can earn by affiliate program by earning from different affiliate marketing websites i-e Amazon, e-bay, Daraz, AliExpress, Alibaba, and many others.


You can approve your site if you deal with things smartly. Just follow the instructions given above and be patient. Google has always given importance to Unique content that fulfills its policies. So, I strongly recommend you before applying for Google Adsense, read google policies as well.

Hope so, this article will be helpful for you. If you have any question, write it below in coment section.