As we all know that WordPress is famous for its limitless customization. You can use lots of plugins in WordPress, Stylish Themes which save your time and provide the value for your effort. You can easily create a Professional Website In 10 Minutes! No Coding Skills Need.

Before going in-depth let’s know what is plugins in WordPress!

A plugin is a single software that can provide multiple functionalities. Plugins are generally written in PHP language and integrated into WordPress.

Some plugins are paid some are for free. And some come with both free and paid. The free version has some limitations where In the paid version you will get some more functionalities than the free one.

How to install plugins in WordPress

There are many plugins available in WordPress, visit there.

In the search box search for plugins you can search which you required.

or you can simply open your WordPress dashboard. In the left sidebar, you will get an option named “Plugins

take your mouse  on that

then  you will get to select between 3 option

  • Installed plugins
  • Add new
  • Plugin Editor

Go to the Add new option and search for your required plugin.

Both work the same.

1iThemes Security

You are managing the website but not using any Security plugins is like you are in the water with so many crocodiles. In the web, so many hackers are waiting to hack your website to prevent your website from hacking make sure you are using any security plugins

I highly recommend Ithemes Security plugin which works well in the case of security.

2Akismet Anti-Spam

After getting indexed in Search engines like Google, Bing Etc we all face one issue that is random Spam comments. Which is a headache to detect and remove the Spammy comments! But with the help of the Akismet Anti Spam plugin, it becomes easier. This plugin will indicate which are spammy comments and remove them. So you can easily prevent your website.

3AddToAny Share Buttons

We all know that the social signal of a post is how much vital for a website in the case of ranking in 2020. So how can we achieve social shares from our visitors?

people will now copy the URL and manually share your link on their social platform. Because it is a time-consuming process and no one is going to invest their time for you.

So if you use AddToAnyShare Buttons Plugin there will be all the social buttons visible on every page of your website. And visitors can share your post on the social platform with just 1 click.

And you can easily customize where to show them. You can put them in the top, After the heading, In the sidebar, at the footer of your post.

4Ad Inserter

If you approved your website with google Adsense the headache is not finished here!

For better CPC better Ads Replacement is required. If we Start to do ads placement Manually it will be huge trouble. Because we have to edit all pages then have to put the Adsense code. By using Ad Inserter plugin we can place ads as our requirement we have to just paste our code one time in Ads inserter block. Then there you can select the location where you want to show your ads. And you can customize your ads easily.

5WordPress SEO plugin

If you are a hardcore blogger or just started your blog journey, I hope you heard at least once that how much Seo is essential.  Search Engine Optimization: SEO Ranking Factors of 2020 which will help you to rank your website on the first page of Google.

There are two types of Seo

  • On Page Seo
  •  Off-Page Seo

The On-page Seo totally depends on you. Like how you are placing your keyword, Image Alt tag, Meta description, And so on, which has a huge impact on Google Ranking.

Seo Plugins help you to full fill the On-page SEO requirements without your extra effort. They will help you to cover all the need for On-page SEO.

Plugins in WordPress

There available lots of SEO plugins in WordPress.But best of them are:

  • Rank Math SEO plugin

You can choose between them.