What is a Computer Network?

A Computer Network is a group of computer systems and other computing hardware devices linked together through communication channels.

Networks are connected together to make a large network which is called Network of Networks. The internet is considered as the most well-known example of a network of networks

Why do we need a computer network?

A computer network is established for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource that we used today is the internet which connects millions of people all around the world. Can you imagine a world now without emails, online newspapers, blogs, chat and the other services offered by the internet?

6 benefits of computer networking

1File sharing

Network of computers helps a computer network user to share files.

For example:

If you need date sheet of your board examination you can get the file through the internet without visiting BISE (Board of intermediate and secondary education) office.

Similarly, BISE requires your picture and your bio data for admission form. They can get all these files over the internet.So, the file sharing is helpful to complete a task systematically.

Example # 2:

If you want to complete your university project and you have divided different module in your group members. First member will complete his task and share file over the Drive. Second person will take his code and update his own data and upload it to the drive. Third person will take second person data and update his own data.

The best way of file sharing is GIT which is a type on Version Control System.

2Hardware Sharing

User can share devices such as printers scanners, CD-ROM drivers, hard disk etc.

For example:

In office, there are less number of printers and scanners than the available number of computers so with the help of network we can share resources to get cost-efficient solution.

There are different softwares through which we can connect our computers with each other like TeamViewer, Anydesk.

3Application sharing:

Application can be shared over the network. It means that more than one users may use the same application.

For example:

In a bank; cashier, manager, ATM (Automated teller machine) users uses same application over the internet. Bank balance updated at one point is updated for all branches immediately.

Example # 2:

A school has multiple branches. If any change is made in one branch it will automatically updated in other branches too and different branches follows one official website of school.

4Sharing a single internet connection:

Using a computer network at home or office like PTCL, DSL Modem, we can share one internet connection with more than one user.

In this way, multiple users and multiple devices can access internet at the same time.

5User communication:

Networks allow users to communicate using e-mail, newsgroups and video conferencing etc. So, communication with many people sitting at different locations is possible due to network connection.


A video conference comprises the technologies for the reception and transmission of audio, video signals by users at different locations.

Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp are most used softwares for video conference calls.

6Increasing storage capacity:

Storage means the limit to store data in a computer. If we connect our computer to another computer having more storage then we can also use the disk space of another computer. In this way, we can store and access a file stored remotely.

In this setup, a computer providing the storage is called a file server and the computer accessing that space is called a workstation.